Today there are many new forms of dosing and ingestion that make cannabis an easy and safe option for the treatment of pain, anxiety, sleep disorders and PTSD to name a few.

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Should You Consider Medical Cannabis Over Opioids for Chronic Pain Management?

cannabis for painFight Chronic Pain with Medical Marijuana

When people suffer from chronic pain, they don’t have many options and opioids are often prescribed by doctors to help, although this isn’t always the case. There is another option that doctors are starting to recognize as more effective and less harmful than most pain medicine – medical cannabis. With the legalization of medical marijuana, chronic pain sufferers may have a better option. Find out why cannabis may be a better option for you over opioids.

The Problem with Opioids

There is no denying that opioids can help you deal with symptoms of chronic pain. However, they aren’t the best solution to your troubles. One of the biggest issues with opioids is the addictive nature of them. Despite relieving your pain, they manage to get you hooked. Over time, you need more and more medication to fight your pain. This can lead to overdose and addiction troubles.

When people use opioids, they don’t only have the risk of addiction. They also have the risk of overdose. In 2016, there were 2,458 overdoses in Canada alone. The opioid overdose crisis is a very serious public health threat that needs to resolved. With more people receiving prescriptions for opioids, this should come as no surprise as this medication does more harm than good.

Opioids tackle the issues plaguing chronic pain sufferers but they come with the serious risk of addictiveness and the potential for overdose. For a long time, doctors sought out a substitution for opioids that could get the job done. With medical marijuana entering the market, it can be explored as a healthier alternative.

A Healthier Option: Medical Cannabis

Finding a substitute for opioids seems like a big task, after all, they do treat chronic pain well. Finding a substitute would need to be as effective at fighting pain. However, it also would need to be less addictive and safer. It also would need to be accessible.

cannabis for chronic pain

Before medical marijuana was legal, it wasn’t readily accessible. As a result, it wasn’t even noticed as a potential substitute. Now that people can access marijuana legally, it’s a viable alternative. In addition to being accessible, it’s much safer, less addictive, and equally effective. Medical marijuana checks off all the boxes for an ideal substitute to opioids.

In fact, a study with cannabis and opioids found that 93% of patients preferred using cannabis over opioids when it came to pain management. Those who were using cannabis reported that they were also less likely to use opioids because cannabis was just as effective for their pain, with many fewer side effects.

How Can Cannabis Reduce Symptoms of Chronic Pain?

What makes cannabis so good at reducing symptoms of chronic pain? We would need to look at the science behind it to better understand. Like opioids, cannabis blocks the pain signals in your nervous system. The main chemical component in cannabis that is responsible for this is THC. THC helps stop the pain signal from sending, which leaves you feeling more comfortable.

There’s another ingredient in cannabis that also helps, called CBD. CBD binds to your brain’s receptors and may reduce drug cravings. As a result, addiction is less of a problem. Some research even shows that CBD might be an effective way to combat opioid addiction.

One of the benefits of cannabis and THC is that it could help patients wean off of opioids. When a patient takes opioids and THC at the same time, doctors can reduce their opioid doses without major side effects. Patients are less likely to experience withdrawal or discomfort, and eventually, the doctor can wean you off of opioids.

Proof Found Through Case Studies

There is already some proof that cannabis can replace opioids. In the US, prescription drug spending dropped after several states passed legislation allowing medical cannabis. Medicare drug spending dropped by about $165 million after those laws were passed.

Instead of using prescription drugs, people turned to medical marijuana. About 32% to 36% of drug substitutions were prescription opioids. Also replaced were benzodiazepines and antidepressants.

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Cannabis Legalization Will Open New Doors

Medical marijuana opens new doors for those who suffer from chronic pain. You may suffer from pain because you refuse to go on addictive opioids. If this is the case, cannabis can be your solution. It offers a way for you to ease your pain safely and effectively, without the likelihood of addiction. With a viable option, you can treat your pain without fear of addiction.

Cannabis also opens doors for those who find themselves addicted to opioids. With the right doctor, you will be able to find the right dose of cannabis and opioids to lessen your dependency on opioids. Over time, you may be able to fight your pain with low doses of opioids, and eventually be able to completely substitute your opioids with cannabis.

Finally, cannabis could prevent the thousands of opioid overdoses that are occurring each year. Too many people lose their lives over prescription drug overdoses. Medical marijuana eliminates this problem. In addition to taking away your pain, it can save countless lives.

Getting Started with Medical Cannabis for Pain Relief!

Many people hesitate to turn to medical marijuana as a solution to their chronic pain. They typically don’t know where to start and remain on dangerous opioids. However, getting started is easier than you might think and we’re here to help you!

At MMS, we will connect you with a doctor who will diagnose your illness. If you are fighting with chronic pain, sign up today and our doctors will prescribe you medical cannabis to get the relief you need and deserve.


There’s no reason to put yourself at risk of addiction or overdose. Medical marijuana can save you from a lifetime of trouble. If you’re looking for an effective way to treat your pain without side effects, look no further than Medical Marijuana Services. With a little help, you can find yourself on your way to a pain-free life without the risk of using opioids.

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