Today there are many new forms of dosing and ingestion that make cannabis an easy and safe option for the treatment of pain, anxiety, sleep disorders and PTSD to name a few.

What Medical Cannabis Is Used For

No matter where you go or what you do, you probably hear someone talking about medical cannabis. Since becoming legal in Canada, it’s a topic that either excites or confuses people because they don’t know much about the positive effects of cannabis. Though more studies need to be done to fully understand how medical marijuana can help with certain medical conditions and mental disorders, its benefits are surprising many doctors and patients alike.

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Medical Marijuana & Pregnancy: What You Should Know

Are you and your partner currently trying to get pregnant? That’s great news! But what you may not know is that your marijuana habits could play a negative role in your pregnancy. If you’re a frequent marijuana smoker or medicinal cannabis user, it’s best to stop your marijuana use before even trying to get pregnant.  There aren’t many studies done to prove precisely what marijuana can do to your unborn baby seeing as research would be unethical, but health care experts still advise against smoking it or using it for medicinal purposes. This includes both THC and CBD.

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What Is A Medical Cannabis Card?

Since July 30, 2001, Canadians have been able to obtain medical cannabis cards with the help of their licensed practitioner, but only if they had a known medical condition they’ve been diagnosed with in the last five years and have been seeing a licensed practitioner within the last year. But, the medical marijuana world took a different turn on October 17, 2018. It became legalized in Canada for recreational purposes for adults over the age of 19, but each province will have its own designated rules, especially for certain career holders.   Since legalizing medical marijuana, many users are still wondering

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Should You Consider Medical Cannabis Over Opioids for Chronic Pain Management?

Fight Chronic Pain with Medical Marijuana When people suffer from chronic pain, they don’t have many options and opioids are often prescribed by doctors to help, although this isn’t always the case. There is another option that doctors are starting to recognize as more effective and less harmful than most pain medicine – medical cannabis. With the legalization of medical marijuana, chronic pain sufferers may have a better option. Find out why cannabis may be a better option for you over opioids. The Problem with Opioids There is no denying that opioids can help you deal with symptoms of chronic

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6 Holiday Munchies You Can’t Miss Out On

Make your grocery list and check it twice. The Holiday’s are right around the corner and what better time is there to indulge in some homemade Holiday munchies? Baked goodies are always a good addition when celebrating with family and friends, but deciding on what to make can be quite the process sometimes. First, you have to think of what to bake, find the recipe for it, buy all of the ingredients and then spend a couple of hours making it. Rather than spending all of your time in the kitchen, we’ve provided you with 6 delicious homemade recipes that

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How Cannabis Can Help You Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest is important for our health and how we function the next morning. Fortunately, cannabis can help you sleep throughout the night and reduce the grumpiness that comes with no sleep. Find out if cannabis can be your sleep solution and how it can help. Which type of cannabis can help you sleep? If you’re not already well-versed on the different types of cannabis, now is a good time to learn. Different strains of cannabis have different effects on your body. Sativa is more of a mood-lifter. When some people take it, they tend to feel

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