Should You Consider Medical Cannabis Over Opioids for Chronic Pain Management?

cannabis for pain

Fight Chronic Pain with Medical Marijuana When people suffer from chronic pain, they don’t have many options and opioids are often prescribed by doctors to help, although this isn’t always the case. There is another option that doctors are starting to recognize as more effective and less harmful than most pain medicine – medical cannabis. … Read more

How Cannabis Can Help You Sleep

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Getting a good night’s rest is important for our health and how we function the next morning. Fortunately, cannabis can help you sleep throughout the night and reduce the grumpiness that comes with no sleep. Find out if cannabis can be your sleep solution and how it can help. Which type of cannabis can help … Read more

3 Popular Consumption Methods that Don’t Involve Smoking

cannabis consumption methods

Many people hesitate to use cannabis because they dislike the idea of smoking. But guess what? You don’t have to inhale anything to experience the effects of cannabis. You can consume cannabis through these methods and still reap the medicinal benefits without smoking.  3 Cannabis Consumption Methods: These three popular consumption methods let you experience … Read more

Know How Medical Marijuana Can Be a Medical Boon!!

Medical Marijuana

Medical MarijuanaMarijuana, also recognized as the ‘cannabis,’ has been utilized for over 3,000 years to cure and manage pain, digestive problems, and even the mental disorders. Regardless of the point that cannabis is considered as a beneficial element for dealing with various medical issues and signs, there is a great discussion about its safety and efficacy.

This herb has got legalized in several states to be used for the healing of various medical problems. The hash oil and Sinsemilla, which is a type of cannabis that holds high narcotic agents, are considered as the stronger varieties of marijuana. Now, in Canada, the veterans can easily acquire medical marijuana through the veterans’ affairs Canada.

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Medical Pot Clinic Offers Health Care Practitioner Visits Via Skype (Ottawa Metro)

halifax-metro-newsAs printed in the Ottaw a Metro News. Read the original article here.
– By Trevor Greenway

An Ottawa-based medical marijuana licensing clinic is reaching out to patients as far as the Yukon by facilitating health care practitioner visits through Skype.

Patient navigator for Medical Marijuana Services (MMS) Robert Callaghan says telemedicine allows his company to link up remote patients with pot-prescribing doctors. Most physicians in Canada are still hesitant to prescribe the drug to patients he says.

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Medical Marijuana Clinic Aims to Help Patients Find Pot Docs (Metro)

metro-press-275x193As printed in the Ottawa Metro. Read the original article here.

A new medical marijuana clinic in Ottawa is linking up patients with chronic pain, sleep disturbance, cancer and PTSD with a doctor willing to sign off on prescriptions to the drug.

Medical Marijuana Services (MMS) held it’s first open consultation last weekend and hooked eight patients up with a doctor who signed off on their medical marijuana prescriptions.

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