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Medical Marijuana For Pediatric Care

What is pediatric care? Pediatrics is actually a branch of medicine specifically dedicated to infants (under one), children, and adolescents (aged ten to 19). Though pediatricians will handle annual checkups, vaccines, and monitor their growth, they can also look after more mild to severe diagnoses. This can include care for patients who are chronically ill (different cancers) or have other mental or physical diagnoses like:

Specific Statistics for Medical Cannabis and Pediatrics

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in children in Canada (with injury being the first). The three most common types of cancer that cause these unfortunate deaths are brain cancer, leukemia, and bone cancer. And according to Statistics Canada (2016), one in 25 children are born with a birth defect. It’s also reported (2018) that one in 66 children (aged five to 17) are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Medical Marijuana For Pediatric Care

Is Medical Marijuana Safe For Children?

In August 2018, researchers at the Hospital for SickKids in Toronto established a safe dosage of both THC and CBD oil for children suffering from frequent seizures or Dravet syndrome (type of epilepsy with seizures). Dravet syndrome, although rare, can begin in infants as young as six months and about ten to 20% of patients will pass away from it, not getting the chance to experience adulthood.

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The Study Between Medical Cannabis and Children

Not only do the patients suffer from their diagnosis, but so do the parents. This is why the first cannabis study ever done in Canada for children has been so important. Not only did they conclude the dosage administered was safe, but it also improved their overall quality of life by reducing the frequent number of seizures patients were experiencing. Some patients even got to experience seizure-free days. Cannabis oil is also natural and has less side effects than other pharmaceuticals children may be prescribed.

How Medical Marijuana Can Help Lessen Other Symptoms

When medical marijuana enters our body, it positively reacts with our cell receptors and serotonin levels in our brain that control our mind and body. This includes how we think, feel, move, etc. Low serotonin levels are associated with depression, mood swings, nausea, and more. Depression or nausea can be accompanied by being treated for cancer, or diabetes, or heart disease, and like mentioned above, it’s hard both knowing, and watching your child suffer. 

But when medical marijuana is administered, it can actually increase low serotonin levels and not only improve seizures, but help with nausea and keeping on weight, improve depression or mood swings, improve problems with the bladder/incontinence, decrease levels of anxiety, and help improve poor sleeping patterns.