Nerve Damage

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Medical Marijuana For Nerve Damage

Did you know? The human body has 100 billion neurons – these neurons are what send electrical and chemical information through the nervous system to different parts of the body. Our cranial nervous system connects the brain to the eyes, ears, mouth and ears. Our peripheral nervous system connects our arms, hands, legs and feet. Our central nervous system connects our brain, spinal cord and retinas. Our autonomic nervous system connects our central nervous system to our lungs, heart, stomach, intestines, bladder and sex organs.

What Is Nerve Damage?

When nerve damage occurs from the result of an injury, infection, autoimmune diseases, metabolic issues (diabetes, heart problems, strokes, etc.), you may experience a wide variety of symptoms, depending on where the damage occurred. Cranial nerve damage could cause symptoms like Vertigo, hearing loss, facial twitches, or even paralysis. 

Peripheral nerve damage could include symptoms like weakness or lack of coordination, paralysis, sharp or burning pain, sensitivity to touch, numbness or tingling, digestive problems, etc. Autonomic nerve damage symptoms could include things like dizziness, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, blurry vision, digestive issues, and more. You could have nerve damage in more than one location.

What Happens When A Nerve Is Damaged?

Ultimately, when a nerve is damaged, it can no longer send or receive messages. Once those messages stop, one may experience numbness or, the damaged nerve will send pain messages letting the body know it’s hurt. Overtime, it may heal on its own depending on the severity of damage, or you may need surgery or physical therapy to repair the nerves and remind it how to work properly.

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Main Causes Of Nerve Damage

There are many known medical conditions that cause nerve damage including:

  • Diabetes
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Celiac disease
  • Lupus
  • Lymphoma
  • And more 

How Medical Marijuana Can Help With Pain & Relieve Symptoms

Cannabis oil is a natural, therapeutic way to relieve pain, help with muscle spasms, dizziness, and even benefit people with diabetes. Once medical marijuana is in your body, it interacts with our cannabinoids which help to regulate our metabolism or immune system and the way we respond to pain. Therefore when the compounds found in cannabis oil, also called cannabinoids, interact with our cannabinoids, it can not only reduce pain, but help regulate the rest of our body like if you’re experiencing incontinence as a result of nerve damage, or lightheadedness, dizziness, weakness, etc. 

For people with diabetes who are experiencing nerve damage, medical marijuana can help stabilize your blood sugar levels, lower inflammation, and help with muscle or stomach cramps.

Why Choose Medical Marijuana Services?

No matter what province you live in Canada, if you’re over the age of 19 you can apply to receive treatment with us. We provide private consultations and are more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding the best medical marijuana options for you, appropriate dosage, and other health concerns you may have.