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Medical Marijuana For Back Pain

Have you been experiencing back pain? Then you’re not alone. Back problems are the most common problem in Canada with four out of five adults experiencing some sort of back pain in their lives, and scoliosis becoming increasingly popular in children and teens aged ten and up.

What Is Scoliosis?

Children, teens, or even adults diagnosed with scoliosis have a curve in their spine that could range anywhere from 10 degrees and up. Those with a 40 degree curve can have surgery. It most often develops during growth spurts, particularly if one leg is shorter than the other, but traumatic scoliosis can also cause a curvature (from an accident). 

Some curves are quite noticeable whereas some aren’t, but pain and discomfort can be experienced regardless. Of course other diseases or conditions can result in scoliosis too, like tumors, Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, arthritis, Osteoporosis, or even genetics.

Medical Marijuana For Back Pain

Common Back Pain Symptoms

Though back pain is most common in both men and women aged 30 and up, it can be experienced by anyone from the result of 

  • Arthritis
  • Trauma
  • Working out or not getting enough exercise
  • Improper lifting
  • Obesity 
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Sitting for long periods of time, especially at work

Symptoms can include:

  • Aching
  • Shooting pain
  • Not being able to get comfortable
  • Pain that worsens when bending, standing or walking

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How Medical Marijuana Can Help Relieve Pain

As a result of back pain, a lot of people may lean towards over-the-counter medications or prescriptions only to find it’s only relieving a bit of the pain. Other medications can also cause fatigue, loss of appetite, and feelings of nausea or dizziness. After continuously searching for something that works for you and not succeeding, it can lead to sleepless nights, depression and stress which, in turn, can actually make your pain worse. 

Medical marijuana can not only help ease your pain and discomfort, but it can boost your mood, reduce stress, improve your sleeping patterns, and overall improve your quality of life. When cannabis enters your body, it’s positively interacting with the receptors in our body that affect our brain, body, and functions. Ultimately, it’s helping to regulate our body so we relax and no longer feel unwanted back pain.

Do I Have To Smoke It?

No! Say goodbye to smoking marijuana and hello to cannabis oils that are ease to use and digest. Although everyone’s metabolism is different, ingesting cannabis oil can provide longer relief and improve one’s quality of life.