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Medical Marijuana For Autism

Approximately one in 66 children in Canada are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder with it being more common in boys. Signs most commonly appear between the ages of two to three but could also be spotted between six to 12 months old. Symptoms could range anywhere from:

  • Not retaining eye contact
  • Not responding to being called
  • Having trouble expressing their joy
  • Trouble forming words
  • Getting upset by minor changes
  • Repetitive behaviour like rocking, jumping or hand-flapping

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism is a developmental disorder and there are different types. Autism can include Asperger’s, pervasive developmental disorder and childhood dis-integrative disorder. Adults and children with autism will have problems with communicating and face social and behavioral issues so it can usually be diagnosed early on. 

Symptoms can range from mild to severe in each case, so the way they learn, think, and interact with others can determine how much support they’ll need or how many medical or mental challenges they’ll face. They could suffer from severe anxiety, depression, or frequent seizures, tics, or bursts of anger.

How Can Medical Marjuana Help People With Autism?

How Can Medical Marjuana Help People With Autism?

A study was done by researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Toronto of autism patients 18 and younger to see how efficient medical marijunana would be in treating more severe symptoms like seizures, tics, bursts of anger, poor sleeping patterns, or depression. 

More than 80% of the patient’s parents noticed improvements. The patients were treated between 2015-2017 for six-month intervals and though not everyone experienced the same improvements, parents reported positive changes in the following:

  • More of a positive mood
  • Ability to dress and shower independently/perform daily activities 
  • Decreased restlessness
  • Improved ability to concentrate

Overall, most of the parents were able to report an improved quality of life.

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Is It Safe For Children?

There currently isn’t a lot of scientific research or data to support medical marijunana being an effective treatment for children with autism, but it’s certainly not an option that should be overlooked. It is, in fact, safe for children since it’s all-natural and can not only help with feelings of relaxation and improving sleep cycles, but it can also help with treating anxiety, irritation, and depression associated with bursts of anger.

Your child will not be smoking the marijuana. Oils can be taken under the tongue, or even be used for cooking or baking.

Why Medical Marijuana Helps With Relaxing

Cannabis contains compounds called cannabinoids and they affect our mind and body by activating cell receptors associated with anxiety, inflammation, pain, etc. Each patient will require a different dose and we’re more than happy to discuss options with you.

Side note: Eligibility is age 19 and up but our health care professionals are happy to answer any of your questions.