Are you dealing with painful joints?
Do you have a difficult time getting
around your house or going for a walk?

Medical Marijuana For Arthritis

Arthritis is not just for people aged 65+. In fact, one in five Canadians (six million in total, with half being under 65) suffer from arthritis – this includes teens, young adults, and yes, even children.

What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a chronic condition that can affect almost any part of your body, most commonly occurring in your joints in your hips, knees, wrists, fingers, feet, and spine. It can last a lifetime or sometimes come and go on a monthly or weekly basis. There are actually more than 100 different kinds of arthritis and there is no cure, but there are ways to calm the symptoms and improve quality of life.

What Is Arthritis?

Are You Noticing Symptoms Of Arthritis?

Arthritis is a pain or inflammation in your joints that occur over time, or in some cases, suddenly, especially if you were involved in an accident or suffered an injury. Otherwise if you have Osteoarthritis, wear and tear is the most common reason we may notice signs of arthritis. 

Our cartilage, the tissue covering the end of our bones at the joint, begins to break down. If you have Rheumatoid arthritis, it means your immune system is attacking your body tissue surrounding your joints. Scientists have yet to discover why this happens.

The most common symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Joint tenderness or stiffness (specifically in the morning)
  • Joint redness

When you have arthritis, what used to be considered an easy task is now considered difficult like bending over to pick something up, walking down a few stairs, taking the dog for a walk, or even just opening a jar. More than anything, it can frustrating knowing you used to be able to do those things. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

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Can Medical Marijuana Help Improve My Arthritis Symptoms?

Everyone responds differently to treatment, but if you’re sick of taking medications that just simply don’t do the trick (other than make you feel drowsy constantly), maybe it’s time to look for a natural medication. Medical marijuana is known for helping reduce pain and even inflammation. Why? Medical marijuana affects our cell receptor (CB2) that plays a huge role in inflammation of the joints. It tells our receptor to activate so the feelings of inflammation recede.

Does Arthritis Keep You Up At Night?

If your aches and pain leave you up at night, it can be difficult to get through the day. Tired, sore, and unable to focus … that’s no way to live day after day. 

Not only will medical marijuana help inflammation and swelling, but it will also ease your chronic pain and relax your mind and body. After putting a few drops under your tongue, it may take longer for the effects to kick in, but they should last for seven to eight hours to let you get a good night’s sleep.

Side note: Not everyone will require the same dosage. We can help you determine the right amount. Eligibility is also age 19 and up.