Do you find it hard to pay attention?
Do you feel the need to move constantly during times when you shouldn’t?

Medical Marijuana For ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is most commonly diagnosed in children aged four to 11, but 80% of children will continue to struggle with their diagnosis into adulthood. Though there’s no cure, it can be outgrown. If you’re still experiencing symptoms in adulthood, there are natural treatments available, with one of them being medical marijuana.

Is It A Mental Health Disorder?

Yes, ADHD is considered a mental health disorder and includes a variety of symptoms and impulsive behaviour such as:

  • Difficulty paying attention, particularly when multitasking
  • Restlessness
  • Trouble staying organized
  • Poor time management
  • Not completing tasks on time
  • Mood swings
  • Forgetfulness
  • Lack of motivation
  • Acting or speaking without thinking of consequences
  • Awkward or inappropriate social interactions
  • Poor eating habits
  • Stress and anxiety

Do I Have ADHD?

Different factors can play a role in beginning to see symptoms for ADHD with the main factors including genetics, any issues during key development moments (this could be anywhere from two weeks to five years old), and your environment (a stressful home life, job, or during school).

When you struggle with ADHD, you not only have difficulty paying attention to tasks or have poor time management skills, but you could also struggle with things like relationships, holding a steady job, or even being known for your involvement in frequent car accidents. ADHD symptoms can also be linked with mood disorders like bipolar disorder, depression or anxiety.

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Medication Alternative

Have you ever been prescribed Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta or other medications for ADHD that just simply haven’t worked for you? Have their side effects often left you feeling drowsy, dizzy, anxious, nauseous or given you stomach pain or a headache? These side effects are common in the prescriptions listed above, so why not try something more natural that is known for calming and relaxing your nerves?

How Can Medical Marijuana Help My ADHD?

When you use medical marijuana, it will quickly be carried to the brain and reach your cell receptors. It will trigger a release of dopamine, a hormone that plays an important role in our brain and body.

When levels of dopamine increase, so will your mood and feeling of relaxation. There hasn’t been a lot of scientific research to support the fact medical marijuana really does benefit ADHD symptoms and these facts are mainly opinion-based, but it is a proven fact that marijuana can help calm your nerves and help you feel relaxed because of the release of dopamine.

Some people will even tell you they’ve felt more productive after using medical marijuana and were able to complete tasks they had trouble completing beforehand. The amount of time the effects last can change per person.

Cigarettes VS Cannabis for ADHD

Did you know teens and adults with ADHD are more likely to smoke cigarettes? They also have a more difficult time trying to quit. Although nicotine can help you calm down, help you relax, or help you focus, it can also make you more hyper, increase your level of anxiety, and affect your memory or motivation. Plus, smoking negatively affects your body. Medical marijuana is natural and a safely prescribed medication from doctors.